Writers are a rather unhappy lot, I can’t help but notice.

Having spent over a decade lurking and populating various different writing and RP communities across the web, one of the most concerning commonalities I’ve seen popping up amongst the people I’ve met are issues relating to depression, anxiety and other troublesome forms of mental illness. These issues often impact upon the very thing that brought us all together in the first place, too: our ability to effectively write. 

‘DAVE vs BRAIN’ was born from my wish to explore my own various eccentricities in relation to writing, and to also explore methods for combatting these issues and keep writing through the tough times.

This blog aims to offer a fusion of personal experience and candid ideas/suggestions for how we all might find better ways to work around setbacks in order to get more writing done and be more productive in terms of creativity. I’ll be framing it in the language of fiction-writing, but it’s my hope that any sort of creative struggling with mental difficulties might find something to help them here.