Well this is an odd one. I’m not normally someone who manages to update this blog more than once a week (or even once a month in a number of cases), so I guess this post is an exception to the rule.

Writing a blog is a bit like chucking a message in a bottle and hurling it out into an ocean chock-full of bottles, each of them containing their own messages that may be similar to yours or may be trying to coerce readers into investing in sheep farming. Which is to say, it can be pretty damn tricky to find ways to ensure the content you produce on your blog reaches the sorts of people who will actually enjoy and engage with it. Fortunately there’s platforms out there that can help to signpost your content, hosting it and directing potential readers your way. Medium is one such example, in my book. I’ve been a fan of the site ever since two writer friends started using it to host a serialised story they were working on, so when I discovered it’s possible to cross-link content from this blog directly to a publication on it I figured it seemed like an interesting opportunity.

So this post serves partly as a test to see if this cross-linking is working correctly, and also to say hello over on Medium if it does. Hopefully this post will reach it’s intended destination, and going forward posts from Dave vs Brain will be appearing on the feeds of folks over on the other side of the ocean.

Sorry, had to drag that metaphor out just a bit more.

Also published on Medium.